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If you're going to build a house, I can't recommend Phillip enough. From the floor plan to the execution of getting our home built, we knew we were in good hands. Our home is very energy-efficient, custom to our likes and tastes, and has a few little extras that Phillip took it upon himself to give us to make our house a home!!   
Elizabeth M. - Bryant, AR

Working along side Phillip in the building process of my home was phenomenal. We first began working together updating my home that would be placed on the market to sell before beginning the construction of my new home. After working with him in that aspect, I knew having him draw up my house plans and construct my new home would be a good thing.


Having never built a home I was a bit skittish with some of the processes that had to be completed, however there was never a concern because Phillip took care of those aspects for me; that's what he does! Although the process of building the home was stressful and I would likely not ever do this again...mainly because my home is perfect, but if I ever built again, I would definitely use Phillip Rye Custom Homes!!!


I enjoyed having not only someone who worked on the plans of my home, but took the time to discuss things up front but also during the building process! If I ever had questions, a quick e-mail during the middle of the night or text message during the day would always be answered in a timely manner for the situation. My home is perfect and I can honestly say Phillip helped make this dream of my perfect house come true! Thank you, Phillip of "Phillip Rye Custom Homes"!!!

Kelly M. - Alexander, AR
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