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President, Owner

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With over 20 years of experience in residential, energy efficient construction across the country and home building in Arkansas, Phillip Rye has become a leading expert in energy efficiency.  He can show you how to have the most energy efficient home possible, at the most practical costs and many times at NO additional costs! Phillip has worked with clients all across the United States and even Canada, teaching them how to build a super energy efficient home.  


Combined with his widespread background, education, and training, Phillip also has extensive knowledge in energy efficiency as it affects the house as an entire system.  He has years of experience teaching people all across the country about geothermal heat pumps, cellulose insulation, foam insulation, and all global aspects of energy efficiency.


Phillip obtained a BS in Civil Engineering from the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville and is a licensed civil engineer who also holds an LSIT (Land Surveyor In Training) certificate. He has 12 years of experience working as an engineer at the Arkansas Highway Department in the Roadway Design and Land Surveys Divisions.  His experience in engineering design and surveying have proven to be invaluable in helping clients in home design and layout.  No other builder in Central Arkansas has the in-house expertise to walk clients through the design process and import surveys and contours showing exactly how the house will fit on their lot and show the terrain to match.  This is a very important process in determining house location and pricing and is often overlooked or skipped.


Phillip resides in Benton, Arkansas.  He is married to April, and they have two daughters, Savannah and Madison.

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